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Scientific Observations by Francis Mangels

This page contains a condensed list of observations reported by USDA Scientist Francis Mangels.

Please use this information as a reference when helping others understand the reality and implications of the global geoengineering program.

Francis Mangels Biography

Francis MangelsFrancis Mangels isa retired scientist from the US Dept of Agriculture with 35 years of service. He has a Bachelor’s in Forestry cum laude from The International School of Forestry at the University of Montana, and a Masters in Zoology from Montana University.

Additional education qualified him under CS for minors in Botany, geology, chemistry, range, wildlife management, fisheries, entomology, hydrology, agriculture, ecology, environmental studies, parks/recreation management, soil conservation, and related fields of natural sciences. He also is a member of Xi Sigma Pi and a part-time college professor.

His present pastimes include Mensa, Intertel, US and ancient history, sociology, theology, critical thinking skills, musicology, musical charities, poetry or songwriting, fishing, and free master gardener services.

Mr. Mangels is presently an active researcher and observer in geoengineering. He has rock-solid observations and proof that geoengineering is indeed taking place, books full of lab reports, over a thousand reports and observations, and today we are going to hear about those reports and discuss them

List of Recorded Observations

This is a summary of lab reports, photo/objective evidence, logic, facts, research, and personal observations as a scientist. No opinions or beliefs allowed.

NOTE: On this page, the word "contrail" refers to the structure we normally refer to as "chemtrails".

In This Section

» Lab Reports

» Sampling pH

» Military Contrail Observations

Lab Reports

  • A lined pond (guzzler) near Redding has about 375,000 ug/l of aluminum. We are concerned that deer and wildlife drink this water. USFS ignored this.

  • Sugar Pine Canyon Cr. Redding, CA has 4,600,000 ppb of aluminum (normal soil 15,000 ppb) in upper and lower stream. Fish losing scales, sick looking.

  • Sisson meadow pond water in Mt Shasta has 12,000 mg/kg of aluminum, and the pond is fed by city spring water, but exposed to the sky (sample taken at outlet).

  • Shastice park (in Mt. Shasta City) stream water has 1540 ug/l of aluminum. Other streams have more, certainly bad for aquatic insects if permanent.

  • National Weather Service plastic rain gage on a 7’ pole in Mt. Shasta shows 100-1010 ug/l aluminum, with highest amounts after heaviest contrails; it correlates.

  • With no contrails, we get 0-50 ug/l aluminum in the rain. Several stations report no aluminum, but very high barium or strontium, maybe a titanate for reflectivity.

  • Snowdrift near McCloud on Mt Shasta at 8000’ has 61,100 ug/l aluminum, 83 of barium, and 383 of strontium. This is over 4-5 times that of plain protected soil.

  • Lab reports during storms range 0 to 30 ug/l in rain with no spraying to 4000 ug/l of aluminum (series), always correlated positively to jet spraying (national info).

  • Many samples were taken by a trained USDA biologist with legal water sampling experience and MS degree in related subjects. His samples are similar to others.

  • Samples show a direct relationship to contrail density: More contrails, higher Aluminum, Barium, and/or strontium in water; also boron and arsenic appear.

  • When we get zero readings of any element, it proves our samples are not self-contaminated by dirt, dust, dirty fingers. We should never get zero if they were.

  • The Mt. Shasta city public water report in 2010 indicates that aluminum, barium, lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium, and strontium are not found in city water yet.

  • Contamination is unlikely because jars used are clean glass or official sampling bottles washed with known pure tap water. Results follow contrail density.

  • Outside soils in Mt. Shasta area in 2007 have over 1.6 % or 16,000 mg/kg of aluminum. Soil is 13000 mg/kg in aluminum under my house, likely natural.

  • Strontium, barium, and aluminum are found in Mt. Shasta rocks in a few ppb. “Dust” does not explain high amounts in the rain or snow, nor occasionally zero.

  • Rain samples from Arizona, New York, California, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Pennsylvania, show high Al, Ba, Sr, As, B, Fe, and Mn, but any may be zero.

  • We think iron/manganese may be meteor dust, and lead is from civil aircraft gas.

  • Although local geologic minerals vary, we usually get Welsbach patent patterns. Some have no aluminum, but high Sr or Ba, or none so formulas likely differ.

  • Radioactivity was tested with a local Geiger counter, with no indications.

  • Some readings may be the result of local polluting industries. However, results are nationally correlated to jet spraying, about 90% with no local factory source.

  • Redding CA city official Mull says EPA Redding Basic Labs are incompetent.

  • With different weather, the samples change, so maybe spray formulas do too.

  • Fibers that appear instead of dust have Welsbach elements, they are a spray error.

Sampling pH

  • The natural pH of rain or snow by the text and county records is 5.5 pH. When contrails are inactive, under 6 pH is measured. With activity, pH is 6.5 to 7.5.

  • The pH of rain is directly and nationally related to contrail pre-storm weather front spraying. Over 500 tests have been made, and patterns are continuing.

  • Normal acidity for Mt. Shasta area Deetz 125, 126 soils, a habitat of acidic black oak and mixed conifer forest, is 4.5-6.0. Now it is 6.5-7.0 pH in over 400 samples.

  • About ten samples were taken by meter in McCloud, CA of yards, forest, and gardens. They ranged from 7.0 to 8.5, or un-naturally alkaline. pH papers agreed.

  • The Mangels organic garden and untreated lawn in Mt. Shasta was 5.5 pH in 2003, now 6.5 to 7.0. Soil is 10-20x more alkaline. The pH papers, meters, kits agreed.

  • Garden compost is black oak leaves, acorns, and ponderosa pine needles (acid), maybe mixed in grass. Sulfur slightly lowered pH. Store manure raised pH.

  • Coniferous Douglas fir forest north of Redding, CA was tested by USDA Soils specialists Komar and Jim Collins at 7.4 pH. He said it should be 5.5 for the soil.

  • A pH increase is likely oxides, hydroxides, and carbonates of Welsbach elements.

  • Contrails boomed during Bush years 2000-2008, especially after 2006 and pH increased remarkably in soil and rain in those anti-environment years.

  • Garden production declined for acid-soil-loving vegetables; potatoes, tomatoes. Most root crops declined in Deetz soils, but unpredictable in neutral Diyou soils.

  • Some metallic cations are toxic to biological systems, and could explain 90% loss of aquatic insect populations in 4 headwater streams, but not below springs.

  • Natural insect variations occur, but not a 90% loss, particularly of diptera that live in sediment deposits in streams, where toxic metals accumulate.

  • The metals, etc. are not from China, and scientists on Mt. Rainier verified it.

  • The three main cations (as nanoparticles?) cause endocrine/enzyme malfunction. They are the basis for, or act similar to, prion diseases, such as “mad cow.”

  • Sufficient evidence indicates correlation with neurological, lung, and bone diseases, particularly in children as autism, asthma, and in adults as Alzheimer’s.

  • Breathing and neural problems increased after spraying, esp. elderly and children. Autism 1/15,000 to 1/58. Alzheimer’s in Redding 1 of 8 men, 1 of 4 women.

  • Five pet dogs refuse to drink rain/snow water, but insist on tap water. Do dogs lie?

  • Similarly, neural, skin, lung, cancer, or endocrine problems are now frequently reported in cats (meticulous groomers), dogs, and horses (drink pond water).

Military Contrail Observations

  • In telescopes, contrail jets have few side windows, and are usually military kc135 or kc434s. Some contract Boeing 737s have belly/wingtip nozzles. Pictures available.

  • Some contrails are multi-colored; often the middle streak shiny blue, brown, dark gray, but outside two are white. 2 or 4 engine jets, often 3-6 trails, some offset.

  • San Francisco Flight Aware says over 30 jets per day over Mt. Shasta are normal. Odd patterns happen, at any altitude, but should be unusual, e.g. holding, storms.

  • Heavy spraying days are often just before weather fronts, and mostly military jets. This data is from multiple telescopic observations and internet contributions.

  • Contrail jets are most active dawn to dusk. Commercial jets do not usually leave persistent contrails, but military jets almost always do. Few jets contrail at night.

  • In the 1950s to 1980s, a normal contrail was maybe 30 jets long and disappeared. Now they last several hours to all day long, especially since 2006, Bush years.

  • Some jets emit a ball of smoke over 5 degrees in diameter, and the contrail begins. If it were a lens of cold air, it would not be a ball, but fade in or out. Impossible display.

  • Some contrails appear to have particulate matter streaming down out of them, much like fireworks displays, leaving trails of smoke as the particles descend. Smoke balls.

  • Some contrails converge to a point, often over Mt. Shasta, then re-align, cross, curve, grid format, or radiate (asterisk-like) out from the mountain. Atypical flight variants.

  • Before 2000, skies were typically a deep blue. Now skies are typically whitish haze or gray-brown blue, and true blue is unusual due to high elevation jet pollutants.

  • Two-engine and four-engine jets leave 3 or 5 line contrails, with nozzles seen in mid-belly or wings. Military jets leave persistent contrails, usually in odd numbers.

  • Republican or conservative pro-military congressmen, USFS, who claim contrails are harmless, were contacted by certified mail: no answer, ignorance, security reasons.

  • Many locals and USFS indicate lightning is more violent after jet spraying, esp. width and number of bolts. The number of thunderstorms is far below normal and erratic.

  • Heat of condensation in physics indicates micron-sized particles reduce rainfall. California is in a drought since spraying began, as rain now goes to Eastern USA.

  • Contrail composition measured in rainfall is the same as indicated in the San Diego conference Feb 20 and in Welsbach or geo-engineering patents used by military jets.

  • Geo-engineers at the Feb. 20, 2010 meeting in San Diego saw D. Keith admit on camera that spraying may have terrible consequences. They don’t know.

  • The military says that “engine erosion” causes metals in the contrails, but won’t say more (military secret). To cause such metals in rain, do engines wear out so fast?

  • Solar collection panel efficiency remarkably decreases with contrail spraying, robbing investors of their just share of solar electric power up to 50%. Industrial jeopardy.

  • A weather lady remarked on TV 12 on 11/24/10 that “Contrails are really spraying so we know a change in the weather is coming.” She and another were censured.

  • At “What in the World Are They Spraying” in Redding 12/10 a full panel of medical, ex-military, solar experts, and scientists affirmed it before 504 people.

  • Weathermen report consistent upper atmosphere conditions, but one day has 50 trails and the next day none, can one believe all jets cancelled? We expect consistency.

  • We watched two jets fly at a 10x15x3 miles high thunderhead near Mt. Shasta, melt a 1-mile blue hole in it, and fly through it toward the AFB in Klamath Falls. The storm fell apart in a half hour. Weapon: i.e. how to force a starvation drought.

  • Many photos are available of straight lines, X’s and squares in high cloud formations, and in nature this is impossible. The military has a weather weapon system.

  • Only the military industrial complex has funding capability; a black hole budget ($1.3 trillion) and control to be able to do geoengineering at $5 billion per year.

  • Mud rain in Chico, CA on 5/14/12 had 58,000 ug/l Al, 480 Sr, and 413 Ba. “Never seen it before. Hard to get off,” the newspaper said, “Dust in rainy weather.” Sure…

  • We observed a military jet a mile away spraying Shasta via nozzles, returning over precisely the same route ½ hour later, not spraying (no time to land) routine patern.

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